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Steam user: *uses antisemitic caricatures to complain about microtransacitons in a game*

Steam: Yeah sure we'll delete it

Youtube: fReEZum PeaChEs

No one knows what a bird is

birds are just daytime bats

@taweret ok ok this is starting to make sense...

but birds are pointy. That's how you can tell them apart

@taweret ok but hear me out, owls round?

owls are a kind of bat

@taweret we are disrupting taxonomy, and frankly? I'm here for it.

Masto Spooky Season Watch Parties continue tonight with:


At approx 8pm CDT

Fair warning. It's a very silly movie but there is Much Gore. I'm not kidding

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@taweret haaaaa I love reanimator and I'll be home just in time for it! My favourite moment is when the pencil breaking happens

like i actually reported something extremely antisemitic on steam, that was hosted through a youtube video

steam deleted it but you know

youtube ...

ALSO HEY, COMMISSION TIME: here's a ref sheet I did for @BestGirlGrace 's character Bird Call! She's a super cool punk crow villain, and her favorite thing to do is cause telecommunications-related trouble. Watch out, she's got your number...

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imagine all the nazi videos you wouldn't have to report on social media and places like steam if youtube just didn't openly host nazi material

hey @taweret explain this please

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sometimes a youtube video will pop up in my recommendations that I want to watch but I don't because I don't want to deal with the recommendations its going to give me based on that

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There is cat hair everywhere

Logging off social media stuff for real now. Will definitely check twitter again later to see if there's a consensus on whether that clothing article is a dress or a robe or a tunic or what.

I kinda want one either way.

One more thing before I log off my work computer for the day.

Does this count as a robe or a dress?

I need to know because I'd love to dress like a wizard but am not into dresses. This screams "Cosmic Wizard" to me.

Lots of votes for robe tonight. I'm gonna say I agree. It's a robe.

And I want one.

I clicked away from the FB page that had the ad on it and now FB is not showing me ads for once. @_@ I may have to invest in wizard clothes when I can afford it. lol Maybe I'll finally have a style other than "jeans and a t-shirt with a button up over it." LOL

Almost didn't make it today because, uh, Stardew Valley, but I pulled it out in the name of pretty lingerie.

#tiefling #tiefinktober2019 #inktober2019 #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #mastoart #creativetoots

me: boy i wish after sleeping really shittily all last night there was something i could do to help my muscles unfuck a bit

me, literally all day, from 9am to this moment, 8pm, almost a full 12 hours: :loading:


I make a uncomfortable amount of scooby doo references wheni play dnd

@taweret this is one of the ones i use a lot. As a druid that uses wolf form

Today I accomplished:
-drank water
-edited 19 pages of my novel
-began penciling a commission

Tomorrow I plan to edit more of the book & work on the commission more. I may limit my exercising to every other day because my body requires time to heal. I can do more than I used to a few years ago so I hope to regain my strength & stamina by the end of 2020. Gonna get fit & hope that also helps my arms more. Light exercise helped my arms earlier this year, after all.

Time to eat dinner & rest. Gnight!

I will probably be back on twitter tweeting later tonight as I ice my arms because I simply can not look away from this tire fire we call 'home.'

And not like "Home" as in MY personal home. My family is doing okay at the moment and are in no way a tire fire. I meant, 'home' as in TWITTER and THE NEWS and whatnot.

Anyway. Gonna go rest now.

Spanish justice & democracy, eh?

For organising a referendum the following Catalan political leaders have received these jail sentences:

* Oriol Junqueras: 13 years
* Raül Romeva: 12 years
* Jordi Turull: 12 years
* Dolors Bassa: 12 years
* Carme Forcadell: 11.5 years
* Joaquim Forn: 10.5 years
* Josep Rull: 10.5 years
* Jordi Cuixart: 9 years
* Jordi Sànchez: 9 years

It is a disgrace. Even worse is the almost complete silence from the EU.

#Catalunya #Catalonia #democracy #Spain

Every night I lay on my bed, staring up at the ashen boy staring back at me on the ceiling.

He never said anything, hardly moved, barely breathed.

Sometimes he'd not stare, but only because he didn't have a face those nights.
I think those were the nights he'd try to talk to me, but all I'd hear were muffled screams.

Soon I learned to sleep through stares and sounds.

One day I thanked him and the next night he was beside me, smiling.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Paranormal

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you wouldn't STEAL y DAN 😲

Very scared for our future as the more i learn the more inevitable the bad seems to be. The bads are winning and the goods aren't all good and we do not have the tools to beat the bad and

I'm exhausted

it's okay to step back sometimes

@taweret i know... Its just hard. Feel like i gotta do something

pick a lock organization you can volunteer a little time with. Keep it reasonable so you can actually do it tho

obvs that was supposed to say local. ducking autocorrect

@taweret yes, this is good advice

@taweret or, do stuff with small, short-lived affinity groups. mass organisation is a huge project that inevitably gets corrupted by fuckheads who want power. a lot of successful direct action is done by small groups who disband after the action. this is a form of guerilla warfare, i think, and is what we need.

At some point FB started showing me DressLily ads for strega fashion things. Although most of them are ads for dresses that I will never wear as I don't like to wear dresses, I am 100% OK with seeing these ads because they're cool and would be cool to reference for characters.


Content warning: My art/Pals Sona/in-joke-ish stuff

its me, the loser who uses canon names in RPGs where you get the option to rename characters

oh big same. the only ones where i've changed the names are like pokémon and zelda

I managed to get a lot more done on my current #Gunpla project then expected. The panel lining and metallic detailing stage has been completed, at least on the main body of the Sazabi. Next up is giving the accessories the same treatment, and then come the waterslides. #Gundam

RT @kdecommunity: Whew, would you look at the time... It's our birthday today! 🥳

What are your dreams for KDE in the next year? Let us kno… tweeted by @kubuntu

going to make a version of the beatle's "as my guitar gently weeps" but describing my life so it is now "as my dog gently farts"

"Yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could add every Disney movie to a streaming video service, they didn't stop to think if they should."

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my dog must have heard some of the neighborhood doggos talkin mad shit because she has been wanting to be ON PATROL all day long, and has now decided that i must be aggressively sat on. how aggressively? she's doing that thing where a dog mashes its face on you so hard as it sleeps that when you move they look at you snaggle-toothed all 'waddafuck u move for' with half their face mushed up

Mastodon has kept me up to date on the recent teen slang which makes it much easier to talk to my younger sister and nieces

that is "the bomb," yo

it is all that and a bag of chips, home skillet


Content warning: selfie, eye contact

Content warning: selfie, eye contact

Need to make my fursona hot with big T&A so everyone gives me money for Shield Cat

One of those "We are under fuckking attack" phone game ads but its for shield cat and has your fursona in it

I already did that one and it got me a couple patrons LOL

Absolutely incredible tbh

Junko Jop (jeans funko pop)

*sees Jeremy Renner is trending on Twitter*

I wonder why?

*see why*

I wonder why I'm not surprised?


Content warning: D/s

Content warning: D/s

Content warning: D/s

Content warning: D/s

Content warning: D/s


Content warning: Amateur radio use by unauthorized people

Content warning: Amateur radio use by unauthorized people

Content warning: Amateur radio use by unauthorized people

Content warning: Amateur radio use by unauthorized people

Content warning: re: Amateur radio use by unauthorized people

Content warning: re: Amateur radio use by unauthorized people

Content warning: re: Amateur radio use by unauthorized people

Content warning: re: Amateur radio use by unauthorized people

Content warning: re: Amateur radio use by unauthorized people


Content warning: D/s

Content warning: re: D/s

i wanna telecommute so i can dress sexy for work :blobpensive:

My little brother wants me to rework a play and series of short stories I wrote in middle and high school, and release them.

This seems cruel.